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Classes are ongoing and can join anytime. See Capoeira page for more details.

Aerial and Circus Class Descriptions:

Youth Level 2 Fabric. with Heidi Kirchofer
For kids age 9& up who have taken at least 2 sessions of classes, can climb and put on foot knots in the air and have completed level 1 skills. We will continue to build strength and skill repertoire and endurance on fabric.

Kids Capoeira 4 to 7 years old.
Capoeria- A jovial Brazilian martial art that fuses dance, music acrobatics and song. Students gain strength, flexibility, powerful, dynamic and organic movement vocabulary as well as self-confidence and focus
Youth level 1 fabric and trapeze.
Youth Level 1 fabric and trapeze. Age 9&up with Heidi Kirchofer
For students who have completed at least one intro session or have some previous experience on at least one aerial apparatus. Kids will continue to safely build strength and flexibility while increasing their aerial skills, repertoire and artistry in this beautiful art form.