Circus and Aerials

Circus and Aerials

Circus and Aerials
Welcome back for our fall session! We have classes for adults, youth, and intro classes for the complete beginner.
Private lessons are available on lyra, trapeze & silks for $75/hour
Masks are optional for indoor classes. We have windows open and exhaust fans running during warm weather and air purifiers that filter down to .003 microns during cold weather.
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Aerial and Circus Classes: Fall Session!

Monday. September 18 to December 11. No class Nov 20
Tuesday. September 19 to December 12. No class Nov 21
Wednesday. September 20 to December 13. No class Nov 22
Thursday. September 21 to December 14. No class Nov 23

Aerial and Circus Class Descriptions:

Adult Intro/1 to Fabric, Trapeze and Lyra . 14 & up
For people new to aerial arts looking for artistic expression, a new fitness tool or fun. We will build aerial vocabulary on silks and bar apparatus, safe skill progression and a solid foundation
Adult level 300 Aerial Mixed Aerial . 14 & up
Adult level 3 Aerial Fabric and Trapeze. with Heidi Kirchofer
For adult students up who have taken several sessions of classes, can climb and put on foot knots in the air and have completed level 1 & 2 skills. We will continue to build strength and skill repertoire and do drops
Adult level 350 fabric . 14 & up
This class is for students who have taken at least 2 years of classes, can climb and put on foot knots in the air easily and can invert in the air. We will do drops and extended sequencing
Aerial Intensive. 9 & up
Aerial Intensive- August 7-18
2 coaches will lead daily classes in aerial fabric, trapeze, lyra and sling. Students will try all the things and select their favorite apparatus to delve deeper into. We will also work on ground skills that improve aerial work and and ground skills: acrobatics and partner acro, flexibility, dance and stage presence and act creation. New acts will debut in an outdoor show!
9-12pm, M-F ages 9&up. $500
Show @ 6pm on the 18th. Rain date Aug 19 at noon
Coaches: Becca DeAngelis and Erin Mahoney
Crossing Over: Trapeze and Sling With Becca DeAngelis. 14 & up or serious student.
Static trapeze can be considered a rigid sling, while Sling can be considered a squishy trapeze. In this workshop you’ll explore the similarities and differences between these apparatuses.

For students who have previously taken this workshop, we’ll revisit some skills, build on others, and introduce a whole host of new tricks.

We’ll roll, drop, wrap, and swirl on these seemingly unrelated apparatuses. Exploring the ways in which the same skills and pathways can be performed on both when applying techniques that account for their shape. We will find timing, wraps, walk-downs, and a few skills which don’t quite translate and the reasons behind that.

Prerequisites: Students must be able to sit up and stand up on a trapeze and sling without assistance. Willingness to try and an open mind.
Ground and Air Jam. 5 & up
Students will have the opportunity to do all things circus! . Kids will cycle through stations, work on ground skills like juggling, Chinese yo-yo, acrobatics, Aerial skills, sling, lyra and trapeze.
Homeschool Circus.
Kids age 5 & up will to work on all things circus! Students will take one class with Joel Melendez in devil stick, Chinese yo-yo, juggling, spinning plates, unicycle, rolling globe and rola bola and a second class with Heidi Kirchoer in aerial fabric, trapeze and lyra. All will practice acrobatics and mini-trampoline. We will begin each class with a warm up and a game. Kids will gain strength, flexibility, co-ordination, confidence, balance and performance skills and community
Lyra & Trapeze: Rolls, Drops, and Releases. 14 & up or serious student
In this workshop we will work on drops and releases on both trapeze and lyra. Some drops directly translate, while others need modification. We will explore how drops can be altered and modified based on the apparatus and which may be better left as apparatus-specific.

To build up to a full release skill, we’ll work on getting comfortable with falling safely and with technique onto the mat.

Students are not required to try every skill; it is simply encouraged.

Prerequisites: Students must be able to sit up and stand in the lyra and on the trapeze without assistance. Mid-to-strong knee beats, hanging beats, and toe/foot hang are helpful but not necessary. A long sleeve layer is recommended for some of the rolls. A willingness to try and an open mind.
Youth Intro to Fabric, Trapeze and Lyra. 9 & up`
For students 9&up who are excited to try aerial dance! We’ll work on building a solid foundation for progressing on aerial silks, trapeze and lyra. We start low to the ground and without needing to hold full body weight with upper body strength.
Youth level 1 Fabric, Trapeze and Lyra. 9 & up
Students should have taken the intro class before signing up for this one. We will continue building strength, a solid foundation and vocabulary on fabric, trapeze and lyra
Youth Level 2 mixed aerial. 9 & up
For students who can climb put on foot knots in the air, do pull overs on bar apparatus and feel pretty comfortable moving around apparatus. At this level we'll work on more complex fabric sequencing, with the goal of inverting in the air and may start on drops .
Youth level 3 fabric.
For students who have taken several sesssions of fabric and can invert cleanly in the air several times during class. We will work on drops, sequences and straight arm inversions.
Youth level 3 Trapeze/lyra. 9 & up
Youth level 3 Trapeze/Lyra with Heidi Kirchofer.
is for students who are interested in focusing on bar apparatu. Half of the session will be spent on trapeze and the other half on lyra. Students in this class should have completed level 2 aerial and be able to easily get on the apparatus and be ready to work at height.

Aerial and Circus Class Descriptions: