Fall classes start 9/16! WHAT is CAPOEIRA Anyway?
Greetings all- 
Our fall session starts Monday 9/17! We still have some space in the Youth and Adult intro classes as well as Itty Bitty Circus and Homeschool Circus.
You can JUMP into Capoeira anytime if you can't make it this week
       Pic by Craig Norton Photography
What is Capoeira anyway
Geez, it's so hard to explain! It's part dance- but not like pirouettes and unlike any other dance form we have studied- it's more like a flow and communication with another player of Capoeira and influenced by the beat of the drum and tempo of the birimbau. It's also part acrobatics- but no acro skills are required- one sneaks, slithers and dodges out of the way the "opponent's" approach, and if one chooses to escape via a cartwheeel, one uses those moves too. And it's part Martial Art- but there is a flow and joy that is unique to this form. It was developed by slaves who trained and practiced to escape oppression. They hid their illegal training in joyful music-making and dance. Capoeira is a dance of liberation, celebration and connection- connection to one's self, the community and rhythm/music. And it's a FANTASTIC way to get in shape

CAPOEIRA classes- ongoing enrollment. 1st Class Free
Kids classes:
Ages 4-6 Tuesdays 5-5:45pm
Ages 7 & up-Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm + Some Saturdays 10:30-11:30. 
Adult classes- Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 pm + 
  Joel also teaches adult Capoeira at Plus 1 defense in West Hartford Mon at 8:30 pm& Thursday at 8:00 pm
Pic by Craig Norton of Student Shannen
The fall session schedule is UP and registration is OPEN!

Aerials and Circus: See more here:https://www.thrivemovementstudio.net/schedule/

Mondays: Sept 17 -Dec 10, no class Nov 19. 12 weeks
YOUTH Intro to fabric and trapeze. 5-6pm 
ADULT level 3 Fabric and Trapeze w Heidi Kirchofer 6-7:30.  
ADULT INTRO to Fabric and Trapeze w Heidi Kirchofer 7:30-9.

register here: https://www.thrivemovementstudio.net/events/

Tuesdays: Sept 18-Dec 11, no class Nov 20. 12 weeks
Itty Bitty Circus (ages 4&5) 4:14-5. w Heidi Kirchofer. 
Youth level 3 trapeze/lyra. 5-6pm w Heidi Kirchofer. 
Youth level 2 trapeze/lyra/fabric w Heidi Kirchofer 6-7pm 
Adult level 2 Trapeze/lyra/fabric 7-8:30 w Heidi Kirchofer

Wednesdays: Sept 19-Dec 12. No class Nov 21. 12 weeks
Home School Circus 10-1pm w Heidi and Joel. 
Ground and Air (ages 6-8) 4:30-5:30 w Heidi Kirchofer **class is full**
Youth level 1 fabric and Trapeze 5:30-6:30 w Heidi Kirchofer

Thursdays: Sept 20-Dec 13. No class Nov 22. 12 weeks
Youth level 3 fabric 5-6pm w Heidi Kirchofer. 
Adult level 2 fabric and trapeze w Heidi Kirchofer. 6-7:30pm. 
ADULT level 1 fabric and trapeze w Heidi Kirchofer. 7:30-9pm. 

Contact Heidi with aerial questions 860 309-0306 or Joel 860 967-8105 w Capoeira questions or maticaarts@gmail.com
See you soon!
Heidi and Joel