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Capoeira- First class is free, first month is 1/2 off!

Tuesday. Jan 1 to December 31
Thursday. Jan 1 to December 31

Capoeira Class Descriptions:

Adult All levels Capoeira.
A mixed level class that caters to new students and the more advanced. Students will learn ability appropriate progressions in Capoeira movement, song and "playing" the game of Capoeira with fellow Capoeiristas
Kids Capoeira 4 to 7 years old.
Capoeria- A jovial Brazilian martial art that fuses dance, music acrobatics and song. Students gain strength, flexibility, powerful, dynamic and organic movement vocabulary as well as self-confidence and focus
Youth Capoeira Ages 8-13.
Youth Capoeira classes are open to students of all levels, and beginners are welcome.

Classes build physical, artistic, and social skills. Working independently, in partners, and as a group, students learn basic Capoeira movements, practical application of these movements, and how to “play” Capoeira using the movements in improvisational games with each other.

Classes meet regularly and are designed to meet age capacities. Instruction covers physical elements of the arts including acrobatic and dynamic movement, self-defense, and improvisation and performance concepts. Youth learn historical and cultural information, receive hands-on training on instruments, and learn songs in Portuguese.