Studio Policies

Studio Policies

Studio Policies

Welcome to the THRIVE community!! Please look through these studio polices to ensure that everyone stays safe and understands our policies

We are located at 221 Burlington Rd. Harwinton, CT

Studio polices

General policies for all classes:
Clothing for Capoeria
Clothing & Attire For Aerial Classes
Trial and Drop ins
Make ups
Photo/Video Policy: students
Photo-Video Policy for families or non-students
Private Lesson policies

General policies for all classes:

New COVID policies:
We ask that you not come to class if you have any of the following symptoms:
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Repeated shaking with chills
Muscle pain
Sore throat
Loss of taste or smell
Feeling feverish

We also ask that you quarantine, and not come to class if:
-Have had close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19
-Have had close contact with an individual who is ill with a respiratory illness
-Traveled via flight internationally or domestically
-Traveled to an area that the World Heath Organization or CDC considers a "hotspot"

Students must wash hands upon entering the studio. The sink at the back of the entryway is set up for this, as well as the bathroom (tiny).
Shoes must be left downstairs. Please bring as few items into the studio as possible.
Parents can be outside or drop off, but we will not have an indoor space for families at this time.
Masks must be worn for all indoor classes. Fresh air breaks can be taken and care will be taken to ensure everyone is feeling okay.
Students are encouraged to change clothing before and after class.
Students with family members who are vulnerable to illness are asked to stay home and safe at this time.

All students must sign waivers before the start of the first class- if the student is under 18 it must be signed be a parent/guardian

Street shoes must be removed before entering the studio.

Please no cell phones conversations/texting during classes.

Food is not allowed in the studio. Only water bottles that can be closed

Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or colognes.

If a student is injured during a class, please inform the instructor immediately.

If an instructor deems that a student is unsafe due alcohol or drug use, exhaustion, injury, illness or any other activity, the instructor will ask the student to not participate. This is for the safety of the student, instructor and others in the class. Please stay home, rest and get well if you are ill.

No student or family member or friend of a student should ever use any apparatus (inside or outside on the homeowner's Property) without an instructors permission and presence.

We strive to be a family- friendly, healthy THRIVING studio for all community. We ask all students to keep comments and conversations positive and clean. Abusive comments, language or behavior is not tolerated.

Clothing for Capoeria

Please wear loose fitting clothing that you can move in. Hoods and other floppy tops may be a bother for inversion work. Shirts that are close fitting or can be tucked in are suggested. Capoeira is practiced in bare feet.

Clothing & Attire For Aerial Classes

Please wear sweat pants, tights, yoga pants or leggings that cover the backs of your knees. Shirts: tee shirts that cover the armpit area and can be tucked in are recommended. A long sleeved shirt that can be added for extra protection is nice to have on hand. Zippers and hoods are not recommended- zippers can snag the aerial fabric and hurt the skin; hoods can get tangled during aerial work. Leotards and tights are also a good option. Ideally we are trying to keep skin covered! Shorts and short tops are not recommended. Bare feet.

-All jewelry and watches must be removed before class. Piercings must be removed or covered with tape in such a way that they cannot snag or be caught on clothing or other people.

-Hair should be tied back and not swinging or inhibit vision

Trial and Drop ins

Capoiera- first class free
Aerials and Circus- We allow students to drop in and try classes during the first 2 weeks of classes IF THERE IS SPACE IN THE CLASS- for aerial classes there is a 6 student limit. Please contact us to see if this is possible.

Refund: Session Classes
100% of the class fee will be refunded less a 10% administrative fee prior to 1 week before the start of the class. No refund will be given after that.

Make ups

We can only offer make ups if there is another comparable (age/ability) session class running with space. As we grow (but not yet!), we will add open studio time and make ups will be able to happen there. Please contact us to see if we can accommodate you in another class. If Thrive cancels class for any reason, we will make up or refund you for the class.

Photo/Video Policy: students

We allow students to take photos/videos in their own class/workshop. Please ask the instructor's permission before doing so to be sure that this activity is safe and not a distraction. Please do not take photos or video of anyone without asking for their permission and never upload videos/photos of anyone online without their permission.

Photo-Video Policy for families or non-students

Please feel free to take NON FLASH photographs or YOUR child only at performances or share days or contact us ahead of time for permission to photograph the whole performance- amateurs and professionals alike. Please seek permission of subjects before uploading anything online.

Private Lesson policies

Privates are scheduled through the studio with the desired instructor
Students are welcome to warm up in the studio 30 min prior to a scheduled lesson if the studio is free.