Capoeira Kids

Why is Capoeira great for kids?
Capoeira provides a multi-faceted outlet for children in the prime of their self-discovery, creativity and imagination! Through the beautiful combination of martial arts, music, dance and language, they learn about themselves and make amazing discoveries. Our instructors encourage discipline through a means of self-responsibility and choice-making, not punishment. Our students learn about the Afro-Brazilian culture and have opportunities to learn Brazilian Portuguese through the practice of capoeira and its song. As a part of our program, children are exposed to musical instruments and song that cannot be found anywhere else. They also receive workshops in folkloric dances of Afro-Brazilian culture. Capoeira encourages growth on many levels and helps to teach and instill the value of loyalty, responsibility and self-confidence. In addition to the benefits above, Capoeira helps to build a strong and positive character and personality through self expression in a fun and playful environment.