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Batizado 101: Connection and Capoeira!

4/27/2024 |

Joel Melendez


Batizado 101: Connection and Capoeira!

Our annual batizado is an event we treasure each year. The first weekend of May, our home and studio is fills with life and energy as Capoeira Masters arrive from across the country. For beginner students, the batizado is a time where they are welcomed into the Capoeria community and gain a deeper understanding of the history and the depth of Capoieria. For some, it may be their first time playing with a complete Capoeira orchestra- the berimbau, atabaque, a-go-go, and pandeiro, and accompanied by traditional songs of Capoeira. For seasoned Capoeira students, the batizado is a weekend that brings together Capoeira community from around the globe and the opportunity to be inspired with new movement, perspective and connection

Upholding the tradition started by Mestre Bimba, who founded modern Capoeira, our event is an annual gathering to foster connection and relationships within the practitioners of the sport. The multi-day event is filled with workshops, music, dance, food and concludes with a Troca de Cordas ceremony, where new students receive their first cord and current students may level-up depending on their progress. For our students, the batizado recognizes a year of work, learning and practice and are based in merit and must be earned through physicality and wisdom of the sport.

We welcome other students from throughout the Northeast (and beyond), offering the opportunity to get together and share in something larger and learn from other branches of Capoeira by taking workshops and joining the Rodas. Every master brings with them, their unique understanding of the Capoeira practice, steeped in tradition from the many masters they learned from and the region from which they travelled. Spectators of a Roda can experience Capoeira at a mastery level and witness a high level of play as well as experience this unique, cultural tradition. Capoeiristas dedicate themselves to keeping the practice honest and true. 

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