Adult level 100, Fabric, Trapeze and Lyra. 14 & up
Starts on July 11th, 2024 and occurs every week on Thursdays until August 15th, 2024.
6 to 7:30

Adult level 100, Fabric, Trapeze and Lyra
For Adult students who have already completed at least one intro session. We’ll continue building a solid foundation for progressing on aerial silks, trapeze and lyra, combining strength-building, creativity, and confidence-building in a safe environment. We will start working on feeling comfortable a bit further from the ground and progressing in holding more of our body weight. We will continue to work on body awareness, connection to the core & proper shoulder engagement. We will build strength and aerial movement vocabulary, unlocking creativity and connection to the body/self in order to move in the world and in the air with strength, power and grace.

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