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Events (admin only)
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Classes are ongoing and can join anytime. See Capoeira page for more details.

Capoeira Class Descriptions:

Kids Capoeira 4 to 7 y.o. Tuesdays & Thursdays.
Capoeria- A jovial Brazilian martial art that fuses dance, music acrobatics and song. Students gain strength, flexibility, powerful, dynamic and organic movement vocabulary as well as self-confidence and focus
Adult Capoeira. Tuesdays & Thursdays . 14 & up
Monthly subscription for 2 classes a week= $70
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It was developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century.
They hid their martial arts training from enslavers by disguising it as a dance. Capoeira training allowed groups of slaves to rise up against their slave masters and retake their freedom.
Youth Capoeira Ages 8-13- Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Youth Capoeira classes are open to students of all levels, and beginners are welcome.

Classes build physical, artistic, and social skills. Working independently, in partners, and as a group, students learn basic Capoeira movements, and how to “play” Capoeira. Students use the movements in improvisational games with each other.
Classes have a single monthly fee and students can attend all both or 1 weekly class. Instruction covers physical elements of the arts including acrobatic and dynamic movement, self-defense, and improvisation and performance concepts. Youth learn historical and cultural information, receive hands-on training on instruments, and learn songs in Portuguese.

Monday. September 13 to October 25
Tuesday. September 7 to October 26
Wednesday. September 8 to October 27
Thursday. September 9 to October 28

Aerial and Circus Class Descriptions:

Youth level 2 Mixed aerial. 9 & up
Age 9&up with Heidi Kirchofer
For students who have completed at least one intro session or have some previous experience on at least one aerial apparatus. Kids will continue to safely build strength and flexibility while increasing their aerial skills, repertoire and artistry in this beautiful art form.
Youth Intro to Fabric, Trapeze and Lyra. 9 & up
An introductory class where students will explore aerial apparatus while staying closer to the ground. We will work on building body awareness, strength aerial vocabulary.
Outdoor Mixed age Ground and Air Jam ** class is full**. 5 & up
Students will have the opportunity to do all things circus! . Kids will cycle through socially distanced stations, work on ground skills like juggling, Chinese yo-yo and acrobatics with Joel and Aerial skills and hoop with Heidi. Class held outside by Heidi and Joel. We will offer a weekly make up class on Fridays to accommodate rain cancellations on Tuesday.
Youth level 1 Mixed Aerial**class is full**. 9 & up
For students who have taken an intro session and are ready to build aerial vocabulary, strength and ability
Youth level 3 mixed aerial **class is full**. 9 & up
For students who have taken at least 2 years of classes and can easily tuck under the bar, do pullovers and are comfortable standing on the bar and beginning to work in/invert in the air
Youth level 3 mixed aerial. 9 & up
This class is for students who have taken at least 2 years of classes, can climb and put on foot knots in the air easily and can invert in the air. We will do drops and extended sequencing
Adult Intro to Fabric, Trapeze and Lyra . 14 & up
For people new to aerial arts looking for artistic expression, a new fitness tool or fun. We will build aerial vocabulary on silks and bar apparatus, safe skill progression and a solid foundation.
Adult level 2 Aerial Mixed Aerial **class is full**.
Adult level 2 Aerial Fabric and Trapeze. with Chelsea Barrett
For adult students up who have taken at least 2 sessions of classes, can climb and put on foot knots in the air and have completed level 1 skills. We will continue to build strength and skill repertoire.
Adult level 1 Mixed Aerial. 14 & up
For Students who have taken the Intro session and are ready to progress in sequence length and increasing aerial vocabulary.
Adult level 3 fabric and trapeze**class is full**.
Adult Level 3 Fabric, trapeze and lyra with Chelsea Barrett.
Adult students who can invert in the air and are ready for drops and extended sequences.

Adult Intro to Fabric and Trapeze.
Adult Intro to Fabric and Trapeze w Heidi Kirchofer

In this class students will learn aerial basics and gain a strong foundation for progressing correctly and safely in this beautiful art form. You will learn new agility, grace and build strength as you learn how to climb and do simple poses and sequences on aerial fabric and trapeze.
Outdoor Homeschool Circus. 5 & up
Spend the morning outside practicing all things circus! We will do acrobatics and mini trampoline, stilt walking, unicycle, all things juggling- Chinese yo-yo, devil stick, spinning plates- as well and unicycle and aerial arts- trapeze, lyra and fabric. Students will build co-ordination, confidence and strength and have lots or creative input in designing a show!
We will hold make up days on Thursdays for rain.
Ground and Air Camp.
Camp 2021 was so fantastic! Stay tuned for 2022 dates, released in January.
Ground and Air Circus camp! M-F, 9-1.
4 expert coaches fill the day with all things circus- Stilt walking, juggling, tumbling, visual art, unicycling & rolling globe, trapeze, lyra, silks & tight wire. Everyone tries all disciplines then picks their favorites to performs in a spectacular outdoor show! Performance- @ at 5:30pm- Rain date Saturday @ 10:30. $450.Youth age 8 & up. Teaching artists- Joel Melendez, Heidi Kirchofer, Christine Altman (visual arts) Guest aerial coach: Becca DeAngelis