Lyra & Trapeze: Rolls, Drops, and Releases. 14 & up or serious student
August 11th, 2023.
7:15 to 8:45

Lyra & Trapeze: Rolls, Drops, and Releases
In this workshop we will work on drops and releases on both trapeze and lyra. Some drops directly translate, while others need modification. We will explore how drops can be altered and modified based on the apparatus and which may be better left as apparatus-specific.

To build up to a full release skill, we’ll work on getting comfortable with falling safely and with technique onto the mat.

Students are not required to try every skill; it is simply encouraged.

Prerequisites: Students must be able to sit up and stand in the lyra and on the trapeze without assistance. Mid-to-strong knee beats, hanging beats, and toe/foot hang are helpful but not necessary. A long sleeve layer is recommended for some of the rolls. A willingness to try and an open mind.


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