Crossing Over: Trapeze and Sling With Becca DeAngelis. 14 & up or serious student.
August 11th, 2023.
5:30 to 7:00

Crossing Over: Trapeze and Sling With Becca DeAngelis
Static trapeze can be considered a rigid sling, while Sling can be considered a squishy trapeze. In this workshop you’ll explore the similarities and differences between these apparatuses.

For students who have previously taken this workshop, we’ll revisit some skills, build on others, and introduce a whole host of new tricks.

We’ll roll, drop, wrap, and swirl on these seemingly unrelated apparatuses. Exploring the ways in which the same skills and pathways can be performed on both when applying techniques that account for their shape. We will find timing, wraps, walk-downs, and a few skills which don’t quite translate and the reasons behind that.

Prerequisites: Students must be able to sit up and stand up on a trapeze and sling without assistance. Willingness to try and an open mind.


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